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Das Lautboard (en)

Finally a speaker that understands music

In Bayreuth, a city known for its musical quality, a new and unique stereo system came into the world.

Das Lautboard

“The noble “Stereofone Lautboard” combines the highest audiophile virtues with an unusual level of stability on the one hand and a tremendous choice of finishes on the other.”
Das Lautboard

“Then one really hears every voice of the complex Meistersinger-prelude as Wagner conceived it: focused yet warm, transparent and full-sounding, in one word: beautiful – and in a very sympathetic unobtrusive yet clear way, plain and simple. brilliant.”

Dr. Frank Piontek – Cultural journalist, referent and author

the “Loudboard” = loudspeaker + sideboard

Das Lautboard_Stereoanlage_Hi-fi

“For me, the “Stereofone” loudspeakers are a sonic miracle that I couldn’t tear myself away from the first time I heard them. The living room becomes a concert hall.”

Eberhard Bäumler – Conductor and lecturer at the Musikhochschule Frankfurt

“As a musician, I am not so much interested in the technical data, but in the acoustic result. The reproduction is very differentiated – especially with regard to the inner structure of the works – and reproduces the sound experience in the concert hall optimaly.”

Prof. Viktor Lucas – Conductor and organist – director of Musica Bayreuth and the Lukas-Consort
Tina Turner
Joe Cocker "live" @ Home
Eric Burdon